Shirts and Ties

Shirts and Ties, Work Shirts, Smart Shirts, Silk Ties, Fashion Shirts, Suit Shirts

We carry a wide range of classic and contempoary shirts to complete your outfit.

We also offer a bespoke shirt service allowing you to have your shirt handmade to the highest standards from an unbelivable choice of styles and cloths.


Men come in all shapes and sizes and so too do our formal shirts and dress shirts. Our shirts are available as classic fit or slim fit.

We stock a generous range of formal and casual ties to complement our shirt ranges. We also have a number of University and Regimental Ties.

We appreciate it can be difficult to pick out the right combination but our staff are always on hand to offer opinion and advice.

Shirts and Ties, Formal Shirts, Silk Ties, Bristol Universty Ties, Regimental/Club Ties, Knitted Ties, Casual Shirts, Work Shirts, Non Iron Shirts